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Future for Our Kids  By Roland Cheek   It all began with Hilger rancher John Gilpatrick writing, "I read a comment you made that said something like this:  'What we need is a conservative with a conservation ethic.'  How true!" So, I used John's comment in a column which, in turn, triggered a mailbox full of support. 

Storeis from the Mountains

April 15, 2014.  Headwaters Montana and the Montana Wilderness Association have jointly published a new map of the Whitefish Range that celebrates the accomplishment of the Whitefish Range Partnership.  The map gives an artistic representation of the 300,000 acres between Whitefish and Columbia Falls and the Canadian-US boundary.  Columbia Falls based graphic artist Jennifer Golan developed the concept with us to produce this commemorative map.

Wild Writer Douglas H. Chadwick

  October 2, 2013.  Doug Chadwick reflected for a moment and then had to agree: he's been around long enough and written enough about the North Fork Flathead that some of his writings qualify as


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